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About K. Hasuike


Kaoru Hasuike

Born in 1957. During his third year at Chuo Univ., he was abducted by North Korea and forced to stay there for 24 years.

He was returned in 2001, he is working as a full- time teacher at Niigata Sangyo Univ. and at the same time, reenrolled to Chuo Univ., graduated in March, 2008 at the age of 51.

Also very active as translator of Korean language and already 16 works are published including bestselling Korean authors books. He wrote 3 books by himself. His recent work “AGAIN TO KOREAN PENINSULA” (250,000 copies sold) which received Shincho documentary award in October, 2009.


  • HAROO 2
    by Kwon Dae Woong, translated by Kaoru Hasuike
    Popular Publishing Co., Ltd. November, 2007
  • OUR HAPPY HOURS (Hardcover)
    by Gong Ji-Young, translated by Kaoru Hasuike
    Shinchosha Publishing Co. Ltd. May, 2007

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