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We will be very pleased to assist for export and import of copyrights of literary properties based on 25-year-experience.

We are not such a large company but our policy is to take care of each deal carefully to protect the proprietors with understandings of each market and clients.


It is 120th anniversary year of Agatha Christie’s birth and plan to have exciting events in Japan as well as in England.
[Oct. 2009]
“WHO WILL CRY WHEN YOU DIE?” written by Robin Sharma, Canada, was published in Japan in 2006 and became bestseller of business book No.1 continuously for more than a year. Its compact sized memorial book will be published very soon in October, 2009.
[2nd Oct. 2009]
“AGAIN TO KOREAN PENINSULA” written by Kaoru Hasuike who was abducted by North Korea in 1977 and was returned by NK government after 24 years. He visited South Korea in 2008 and wrote this book which is now one of the bestselling title in Japan (250,000 copies printed).Recently, this book won Shincho Documentary Award.
[Sep. 2009]
Nintendo DS Adventure game of “ FAREWELL MY LOVELY” by Raymond Chandler is now sold. The book of this title is published by Hayakawa Publishing Inc..
[Oct. 2007]
2007 Mr. David Rockefeller, the author of ”MEMOIRES DAVID ROCKFELLER” visited Tokyo to celebrate the publication at the age of 92 and met many VIP who gathered for him.

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